Just a quick note on rewarding your dogs.  I have heard people refer to this as bribery and a sure way to make the dog only ever work for food.  This is not quite right, let me explain in brief.

Firstly, dogs do what works.  If your dog is motivated by food, it is a great tool in teaching them new behaviours.  This is more of a payment for work offered instead of bribery.  You are not bribed to go to work, you go to work for pay.  It is a small difference but definitely the right mindset for training your dogs.

If you always lure behaviours with food in your hand and then neglect to fade the lure early on then yes, you will have set yourself up for difficulties without food in your hand.  This is a fine example of training not managed properly and we will certainly ensure you know how to fade the lure with minimal frustration and rapid results.

The treats themselves are important too.  If after your month of work your boss paid you with peanuts I would say it was safe to assume you’d not be going back to work.  If I pay the dog being trained with bland, dry kibble I can be fairly confident I will get much less focus and slower results than if I use something they really love.  Meat and cheese are easy options.  I always try to have at least three types of treats in my treat pouch to keep it interesting for the dog in the session and hold their attention as they want to gain access to the tasty stuff!

I will also use play as a reward if they enjoy it, nose games if they enjoy that and anything else I know that they like enough to actively seek out.  To be extreme (and for hygiene reasons I don’t recommend it) you could even release your dog to roll in something as a reward for a good sit/stay.  If they love it, you can use it as a reward (but seriously, there are better cleaner options that that!).

If you would like further help with this you can book a 1 2 1 session with us.

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