Group classes at the Conquest Centre


Beginners Group Classes!

Lessons start at 7pm every Monday with a rolling enrolment – start your 6 weekly sessions whenever suits you best!

Each class is one hour long, plenty of time to practise for IMDT partnership grades and general good manners.

Reward based training and fun for all involved!

In the arena at The Conquest Centre, Conquest Farm, Norton Fitzwarren, TA2 6PN

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Group classes for your new puppy and general beginners in need of the basics!

In this class we will cover recall, loose lead walking, sit/down/stay, emergency stop and a couple of fun bits in the way of tricks and nose-work.  A great starting point for you and your dog with the opportunity to take IMDT Partnership Grades too.

Short courses of 6 weeks with a maximum of 8 dogs per class.  There must be a minimum 1 handler per dog.  We are a force free operation, so you will be pleased to know we do not utilise prong or shock collars.  Slip leads are not recommended as we do not want to issue choking corrections, even accidentally.  Ideally, a well fitted harness is best.  Bring treats, a treat pouch and of course the little woofer and we’ll see you there!

Classes do not have a set start date, we operate a rolling enrolment plan which means that as long as there is space you can start immediately.  No missing out on crucial socialisation windows due to vaccination timings!

Additional information

Group Classes

Groups of no more than 8 pups or beginner level dogs for the basics in a fun format, Focus on calm socialisation, recall, settling, non-verbal cues and general confidence building around different stimulus, A great place to continue from the free puppy socialisation class at your vet's practice, Groups of no more than 8 dogs of at least six months old, Focus on impulse control, suitable play, calming games, recall, loose lead walking, tricks, scent work